The Oxford Club is a sovereign financial publisher with its headquarters at Baltimore, Maryland. It offers global prospects for a market- thriving returns and equips them with strategies of preservation and achievement of wealth. It serves a wide range of members, approximately over eighty thousand people, and operates in a hundred countries. The club has been functioning for over two decades, and it has been of help to many investors over the years. The private company also holds Symposiums, overseas excursions in investments and financial roundtables.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 as a passport club by William Bonner alongside other founders as a small organization specializing in networking. The company changed its name to The Oxford Club in 1991.The aim of the company at the time of its founding was to form a private company that comprised of investors who had an interest in discovering unique business ideas and sharing them, both globally and in the united states. The company believed that investment opportunities were supposed to be researched or individual connections as opposed to Wall Street dealers or the press.

Investment U was established in 1999 as an educational arm of The Oxford Club. It is an educational website which offers resources like courses, conferences, videos and other educational resources with the aim of educating members on how to attain financial independence and becoming literate. It normally outlines recommendable investment stock for its customers in its free e-letter on a daily basis which is a great deal for its subscribers.

Members of the Oxford club enjoy a privilege of partnering with other members of the Oxford community during events which gives them an upper hand when it comes to discovering new investment opportunities. They also relish their monthly subscription to Oxford’s newsletter, The Oxford Communiqué, which is highly rated and provides a wide range of investment opportunities. Members of the Oxford Cub normally get to acquire unique financial advice from its financial advisers, who are highly rated, in the Pillar One exclusive advisory program. Property exchange opportunities are also made available for members of the Oxford Club where people exchange properties such as villas, castles, beach houses among other items.

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is currently undergoing a corporate restructuring. Within the last 12 months, this assisted living facility, which is located in the United Kingdom, employed a new CEO. Amanda Morgan Taylor has spent the last 30 years working in the health and social care sectors and she is now set to use the skills that she has acquired to create the best environment possible for this facility. Taylor is expected to help ensure that residents get excellent care–specifically, those who are elderly, suffer from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, or are handicapped.

Sussex Healthcare’s missions is to create a safe environment for all of its residents. And this can even be seen in the benefits that they offer their caregivers including housing, transportation, uniforms, pension, food and much more. The facility also offers exceptional training takes location right there on the campus inside the major facility. The facility also offer additional education for those who would like to learn more about their professional and become more developed in the healthcare industry.

Perhaps the amenity that this facility is most known for is its gym. They find that one of the best ways to treat residents who have severe cognitive challenges is with exercise. The staff is thoroughly trained in the proper treatment of individuals who with these types of disabilities, so they are more than prepared to create the best, customized fitness plans for anyone who is need of it. In fact, the Sussex Healthcare is a Senior Living Home even invites elderly individuals and those who struggle with cognitive disabilities who don’t live at their homes to work out in their gym. They are interested in seeing everyone improve.

The appointment of Taylor is a move that Sussex Healthcare hopes will demonstrate its dedication and commitment to the offering the highest quality of service, not only this year but in the long term. One of her first official duties is to pay personal visits to the homes. In this way she can inspect the facilities to make note of any improvements that should be made. She will also be able to meet the residents, as well as members of their families, in person. It is also said that Taylor will meet with other partners of Sussex Healthcare as well.

Sussex Healthcare has been delivering quality care since 1985. With this recent change, they are poised to become an even bigger influence in the healthcare community. With 20 home cares around UK for all the elderly and person with disablities and many more.

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For CEO Of National Steel Car, Greg Aziz, Focusing On A High Level Of Excellence Is A Key To Maintaining Best-In-Class Ratings For A Rail Car Manufacturing Company Like His

When in comes to best-in-class, rail car engineering and manufacturing in North America, National Steel Car’s CEO, President and Chairman, Greg Aziz is a key reason for his company’s long-term successes.

Under Aziz, National Steel Car’s 106-year-old business model for rail car design and manufacturing began implementing new technology, which complemented its design and manufacturing side, and key team-building methodologies. Aziz’s company was also able to increase the number of employees from 500, which it was under the prior owner, to 3,000.

Created in 1912 under the name, Imperial Steel Car, today, National Steel Car currently provides railcars to clients for railway transportation and commerce. National Steel Car is currently headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


National Steel Car is a Canadian company that doesn’t accept living by the results of past accomplishments. National Steel Car is constantly pursuing high standards of excellence in the rail car sector, which adheres to Aziz’s credo of having a real sense of purpose. And this includes acknowledging important traditions of the past, moving forward with tenacity, and always performing with a dedication and focus on quality.


Before Greg Aziz was running National Steel Car as the top executive, he received positive exposure to business early in life by working for his family’s business. As a young man, Aziz would work for his family’s company, Affiliated Foods, after each school day was over. Aziz would use these important experiences working for Affiliated Foods, beginning in 1970, to build an future career in finance and corporate leadership.



Greg Aziz watched his family business expand, as Affiliated Foods made new business deals with stakeholders located in Canada, Europe, Central America, South America, and the U.S. In a span of 16 years, Affiliated Foods would grow into an international fresh food distributor. In addition to important business expertise gained at Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz built strong business connections, and learned how the world of finance worked in New York over a period of ten years. Go Here to learn more.


Because of Greg Aziz’s financial savvy, Aziz would procure National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. Since 1962, Dofasco had been owned National Steel Car. In lieu of his work background, Aziz earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to 1995, National Steel Car only focused on clients in Canada. After Greg Aziz became CEO, National Steel Car started to earn new clients in the U.S.



Whitney Wolfe & Bumble – Swiping Left For Bullies, Right For Women In Tech

Whitney Wolfe, Tinder co-founder, and co-founder/CEO of Bumble, a swipe left-right dating app made for women, is defying the odds one more time in a tech world led by and made for, mostly men. Earlier this month, Tinder’s owner company, Matchgroup sued Bumble for copying infringement inside the app. The lawsuit claims Wolfe stole material from Tinder and used it inside Bumble’s design. Whitney Wolfe has retaliated by writing off Matchgroup as a bully and labeling Matchgroup’s statement insincere considering Matchgroup’s 2017 pursue of a Bumble purchase for an undisclosed sum of $450 million. The recent lawsuit is not the first legal action Whitney Wolfe encounters with the internet dating giant.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe herself filed action against Matchgroup with allegations of sexual harassment made against Wolfe’s co-founders of Tinder, Sean Rad and Justin Mateen. Following the lawsuit, Wolfe left Tinder and founded Bumble alongside Andrey Andreev, the owner of Badoo, another even more successful dating app. Now with close to 30 million downloads since its creation in 2015, Bumble is the first app to feature women in control of the dating game. Bumble features heterosexual seeking females the only ones allowed to swipe left or right and initiate a conversation with their male counterparts. For same-sex partner seekers, an equal authority is given to both. The device behind the app is to equalize the power balance between sexes. The gender disparity is a quality apps like Tinder, whose more than 50% of users are male, have failed to explore. Recently, the #metoo movement shined on situations in early dating involving sexual harassment, and the internet making it easier for dangerous sexual encounters to take place for women.

Tinder is referred to as a hook up app, whereas Bumble is more reliably a relationship seeking app, with a fifty-fifty average usage between women and men. Whitney Wolfe has transformed the dating app world from a male gaze to a female one securing women’s own values and goals in relationships inside the app. Wolfe included Bumble BFF mode to the app early on. The setting lets monogamous relationships evolve between users making use of the same swipe left-right function. Additionally, in October 2017 the app welcomed Bumble Bizz, a business networking platform, similar to LinkedIn, created entirely for women in the workplace. At the 2018 SXSW Festival, Whitney Wolfe spoke in support of female tech entrepreneurs.

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Scott Rocklage is a Medical Genius

Dr. Scott Rocklage has been making a lot of headway in the fight against Myotonic dystrophy type I via his company 5AM Ventures private company Expansion Therapeutics. It recently closed Series A financing totaling more than $50 million. Expansion Therapeutics mission is the advanced treatment of specific genetic disorders using small molecule drugs targeting key human disease-driving RNAs. In particular, genetic disorders like muscular dystrophy, symptoms only begin to present themselves when RNA reaches toxic levels.


When the body is fully healthy and functioning properly RNA molecules are harmlessly transferred from DNA and become protein. However, these molecules can become quite toxic if the body’s production gets out of hand. When the toxin level drastically increase inside the cells Myotonic dystrophy type I occurs as a result. The condition can affect the entire body, including the central nervous system. Because it is genetic multiple individuals in a family may suffer from the disorder.


Many believe with Dr. Scott Rocklage at the helm Expansion Therapeutics may lead the way in curing the damaging disorder. This would be a huge win for the medical world as it currently has no reliable treatment for Myotonic dystrophy type I.


Dr. Scott Rocklage joined 5AM Ventures in the early 2000’s and worked his way from venture partner to managing partner in a year’s time. He was a welcomed addition to %AM Ventures team as he possesses decades of experience in healthcare management.


Since he was a young man Rocklage was always very ambitious. He attended both the the University of California, Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) earning degrees from both educational institutions. A lesser known quality of Rocklage is his creativity. He owns more than 30 patents as an inventor. Not to mention h’s an accomplished author with dozens of published work.


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Securus Technologies, Going to Bat for Safety and Security

Securus Technologies, a leader in correctional facility management has taken on a huge project to make institutions safer. The company, which serves over 1.2 million inmates and thousands of agencies, has recently developed technology to stop calls placed by contraband cellular devices. This issue has been identified as one of the largest dangers in facilities and has been the source of many crimes. Facility officers and staff also identify the use of contraband phones as one of the biggest threats to their safety. Retired Officer Robert Johnson has experienced firsthand the dangers of this epidemic when he was shot six times in his own home; by simply doing his job, he became the target of a prison gang.


The problem has grown so far out of hand that an infant was also the victim of such violence. Securus Technologies and its newly acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet are joining forces and have brought forth a solution. Known as Wireless Containment Systems; the new technology can block communications from contraband wireless devices. WCS devices look and operate like a cell phone tower. Instead of connecting the call to its rightful network, the call is disconnected. The same scenario applies to text messaging. The technology has already proven to be promising. While there haven’t been any official reports, it’s estimated that over a million communications have been interrupted and deferred.


Some concerns over the legality of the devices had surfaced in the beginning. FCC regulations prohibit signals from being interfered with; however, Securus Technologies was able to engineer the devices to be fully compliant. Retired Officer Johnson is now lobbying, along with Securus, to have the devices mandated as required technology in correctional facilities. This would certainly ease the minds of employees, inmates, and their families. The project is currently in its testing phase, however, Securus is looking to get started on implementing the technology nationwide.


Securus Technologies has over three decades of experience in corrections. Their current headquarters is located in Carrollton, Texas. The company is best known for its communications services provided to inmates, and their families. Securus also provides monitoring of inmates, commissary services, and software to correctional facilities. In recent years, they’ve been able to reduce the financial burden once associated with calling inmates, and vice versa. They also now provide alternatives to calling. Video visitation, messaging, voicemail, and even tablet computers are all in the line of products available.


Securus also prides itself on providing great customer service. The company has scored very high in recent surveys. Over 95 percent of customers have been happy with the service they’ve received. Also, the company was awarded accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, along with a grade of “A+.” Securus Technologies is going above and beyond the call of duty for its customers.


The People Behind The Success Of Obsidian Energy Ltd

Before changing its name to Obsidian Energy Ltd, the company used to be referred using other names such as Penn West Energy Trust, Penn West Petroleum, and Penn West Exploration Ltd. The company is based in the Canadian city of Calgary in Alberta province. There was a time that the company was referred to as S&P/TSX 60 which is a title that means that it was among the top 60 firms in the Toronto Stock Exchange. Its peak came back in January 2008 when it was valued at $9.5 billion. However, like any oil and energy company, Obsidian Energy Limited fell into recession in 2014 when oil prices fluctuated significantly.

This is a period that saw the company experience some regime change that was also followed by significant restructuring. This was aimed at reducing the debt of the company. Most of its gas fields and oil fields are found in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin that is found in Alberta. Experts say that the largest petroleum reserves are located in this basin. However, most of the oil and gas produced by the company is said to come from three areas in the region that include Alberta Viking, Peace River Oil sands as well as Pembina Cardium. Approximations by the company estimate that the company was producing close to 31,000 barrels in a day. The company changed to Obsidian Energy from Penn West Petroleum back on 26th June last year. Obsidian Energy is also an equal employer. Click Here for more information.

Notable people within the organization include David L. French who is the chief executive officer and the president. He has been with the company since October 2016, and he has been responsible for the success of Obsidian Energy for the last two years. The chief financial officer of the company is David Hendry. Mr. Hendry is an experienced executive as he has been in the field for over 25 years. He joined Obsidian energy back in April 2015 under a lesser position of vice president of finance. He only managed to acquire the current position 14 months ago. Other notable executives within the firm include Tony Berthelot who is in charge as the vice president. He is also responsible for development and operations.


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The Successful Leadership of James Gregory Aziz of National Steel Car

Effective leadership should be built on a clear foundation comprising of mission, vision and viable strategy. As a leader, one must be willing to own the organization or take charge of the department an individual is trusted to manage. An astute leader possesses skills and vast knowledge to manage the organization. One such leader is Gregory James Aziz. Aziz is a competent leader hence his position as the chief executive officer of National Steel Car. He is also the chairman of the company. The Ontario –based company manufactures railroad freight cars.


Early Career


Gregory’s career commenced when he managed his family’s food business in 1971. The company’s name was Affiliated Foods. He worked for about two decades. With his guidance, the company became a top importer of fresh foods. Affiliated Foods imported fresh produce from Europe, America to Canada’s business center. Greg Aziz was influential to the point of expanding the company’s distribution network to supply fresh produce to Canada. From there, Aziz joined the New York banking industry where he served between 1980 and 1990.


Acquiring National Steel Car


Gregory was visionary and committed to succeeding in a competitive industry. His experience in the banking industry played a pivotal role in the acquisition of National Steel Car. In 1994, he organized his finances and went on to purchase the company. Straight from its acquisition, Gregory J. Aziz became the lead executive of the firm. Having garnered vast experience from his past employment roles, Greg Aziz was the perfect choice for the leadership of National Steel Car.


Early Life and Education


Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 and invested in education by joining Ridley College. He later enrolled at the prestigious University of Western Ontario. Gregory pursued economics.


Gregory’s Role at National Steel Car


Gregory James has been influential in expanding the scope of National Steel Car. In engineering especially, he fostered team building by providing human capital and resources. Aziz believes that the success of National Steel Car is appended to his expertise. That is why he puts in the effort to expand the company’s manufacturing, portfolio. Being an experienced business professional, Aziz perfected the art of leadership and strategy –building. That is why until now, National Steel Car has manufactured over 12,000 units from the initial 3,500. Following the high demand for freight cars, Aziz has added staff to his team. The success of this company depends on his commitment to perfect his skills in service delivery as well.   Click Here to learn more.


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Jeremy Goldstein and his Remarkable Work Record

When he completed his law degree at New York University, Jeremy Goldstein did not know his career path would lead him where he is now. Instead of probably joining a law firm, he ended up working for financial institutions. This experience gave him a lot of knowledge in financial. He got the skills of a financial advisor and analyst through apprenticeship. This is an indication that Jeremy is an intelligent and fast learner.

Among the organizations Jeremy has worked are Verizon, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. Today, Jeremy is a recognized individual in financial matter. According to him, companies that have EPS are on the right path. Having it as part of the pay structure is good for the company and employees. EPS are a good motivator for employees to increase their effort.

The company also benefits through increased performance. If employees work harder than usual, their output will be an added advantage to the firm. Stocks are also crucial because that is how investors know when to sell or buy. However, there are disadvantages to having EPS as part of the pay system.

These shares create a big loophole of accountability. It is very easy for executives or CEOs to be partial. This method has no way of collective control and that is why bosses at the top can get manipulative. Despite this limitation, it is not reason enough to eliminate EPS from the pay structure. Jeremy Goldstein recommends that a compromise is the solution. It entails have an oversight on the CEO and executives for accountability purposes. Introducing control and responsibility will resolve this issue and companies do not have to get rid of EPS.

Today, Jeremy Goldstein has his own firm. He is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein &Associates. Currently, it is a boutique firm specializing in corporate governance, compensation committees and other related matters. Jeremy Goldstein is grateful for the background experience he received. It is playing an essential role in his service today. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein has won awards and honors because of his hard work. He is proud of the far he has come but also aspires to achieve more. Apart from practicing law, Jeremy authors articles. He would like to educate and inform his audiences. Besides business and work, Jeremy Goldstein is a philanthropist. He believes in giving back to the community. One of the foundations he is supporting is Fountain Hope. He is happy to be there for people in need.


Hamilton, Ontario is home to one among the world’s top engineers of freight cars. National Steel Car has held this praise for very many years, and Gregory Aziz as the leader of the company has done a lot to ensure it improves and keeps climbing the ladder of progress.

There are so many companies in North America that make railcars. These railcars have been on the rise in the last 100 years, and their manufacture keeps improving every year. Companies like NSC compete every year to maintain a status that will for years to come put it on the world leaderboard of top firms. National Steel Car is one of these companies, and its production of railroad freight cars is nothing short of impressive, because of the quality and efficiency of their deliveries and trust that they have gained among their customers.

London Ontario on 30 April, the year of 1949 hosted the birth of James Aziz. Gregory’s education happened without hiccups at the College of Ridley. His progress was obvious due to the performance that he showed. The gates of Western Ontario, therefore, were automatically opened for him with a chance at the university. This being envied because tertiary education has always been deemed very important, Greg Aziz went on to make his folks proud of him. He did well.


Gregory J Aziz graduated soon, as university education never takes forever. Skill is an important aspect considered before putting on the graduation garment. This is because leaving such a place without having gained the required skills to horn any employment opportunity will equal a waste of time. See This Article for more information.

Gregory James Aziz became the CEO of one of the greatest companies that have ever been in existence, NSC, when he was fully prepared for the duties ahead of him. National Steel Car has since then seen not only changes in the company but also new implementations that have done a great job at taking NSC higher. National Steel Car is soon to become the world’s top rail car manufacturer, considering that it now tops North America. Many companies in North America have been for long, seeking perfection in everything they do and what they make. However, National Steel Car has taken over by being the first company that does not struggle but excels by both the efforts of the CEO and also those of the community. Getting supported and known for quality has been a major boost.