Richard Blair: A Leader in Wealth and Retirement Management

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is the founder of the company that provides wealth and investment advice to its clients. The company is located and registered in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair is highly respected and is considered one of the best in his field. Blair believes everyone no matter their income level should have a sound plan to achieve their financial and retirement goals. The company uses a three step approach to ensure their clients are getting the best advice and plan for their situation.


The first step involves learning about the clients situation and identifying their goals, strengths and weaknesses. The second step focuses on developing a plan that fits the needs of the client. The third step finds the best insurance plans to fit their clients needs.


Wealth solutions treats a wide range of clients from small businesses to individuals. Blair comes from a family of teachers and this inspired him to start his company in 1994. Richard is passionate about helping people achieve financial and retirement success and he entered the financial field soon after graduating. Over the years he has gained more experience in retirement planning. The company has numerous nationally recognized designations in the wealth management and retirement field.


Richard believes he has a distinct advantage over larger firms because he focuses on clients in the local area and build face to face long term relationships. Unfortunately, there is plenty of bad or risky advice by some firms and individuals that can quickly ruin a person’s financial future. Richard tries to steer people away from common pitfalls and bad advice. Another advantage he has is that he is an independent advisor so he is not limited to certain products. He has the freedom to choose whatever is on the market that can best fit your needs. His firm also offers excellent tax advice. He feels that managing your taxes is an important part of a successful financial plan. Maximizing your taxes can save you thousands a year.


Richard also gives lifestyle advice since certain behaviors can be detrimental to your financial success. He basically covers every possible area to make sure you are on the right path for success.


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Roberto Santiago Always Knew His Mall Would Thrive

As a dreamer, Roberto Santiago wanted to do something that was big and something that would make a difference for other people. He believed he had the key to helping and he knew there would be other options he could use if he was going to continue to help the people who lived in Manaira. Since he saw the value of a mall in his city, he started the Manaira Mall. The mall started out as a relatively small project even though there were some people who doubted what he was doing. He wanted them to realize they were doing their best and were going to be able to continue offering all the best options to those who needed it. In addition, Roberto Santiago felt he would be able to make a difference in the job outlook in Manaira. It helped him bring attention to all the issues and to the things that were going on.


For Roberto Santiago, this was what took over his career. He let some of the other developments he had been working on go and focused solely on the mall. It paid off because the mall is now a mecca for tourists and a place where people feel they can bring their shopping needs. There are also many people who come to the mall with the intention of shopping. They are able to take away what they need while also doing their best to get more out of the shopping options that the mall has.


Roberto Santiago knew it was so important to create a mall that had everything. Food, shopping and entertainment are the keys to a great mall. He knew he wanted it to be different from every other mall people had visited in the past and that’s how he was able to continue contributing to the things that he had going on at the mall. It helped him make sure he was doing things right and gave him the options he needed to be as successful as he possibly could be.


By making exclusive contracts with retailers and food chains, Roberto Santiago was giving the mall what it needed. He knew there were different things that could help people and different options that would allow them to continue being positive in different situations. He also knew the mall would benefit from the things he had to offer. Looking at all of this gave Roberto Santiago the ideas he needed to be successful. It also allowed him the chance to make sure there were things he could do on his own. He had always been successful and that’s what allowed him the chance to truly branch out and expand the mall in the way he has.


Shafik Sachedina Sets The Standard As Chairman Of Sussex Healthcare

The Healthcare Group has provided services for over 25 years. What sets them apart is their level of customized services. They received their accreditation for providing quality health services in 2002. Several years later, they became the first home healthcare provider to receive HQS ISO 9000:2000.

The company’s philosophy is that good health goes way beyond simply an absence of illness. As such, they make sure that recreational and leisure activities are a major part of the company’s programs. These programs are essential to good health. According to Sussex Healthcare also provides activities based on an individual’s skills and interests. Their facilities provide excellent care for older people suffering dementia and neurological disorders. People with learning disabilities also receive the help and medical support they need.

They employ a staff of highly trained professionals and a skilled management team that commits itself to running a highly effective business. Every staff member focuses on making Sussex Healthcare a leading provider for occupants in the Sussex area. The Group’s services rank high with personalized care for each individual.


Special facilities and modern therapeutic interventions formulate care plans. Their 24-hour services is well-received in the community. Sussex can also personalize an individual’s room to make their stay and experience as comfortable as possible. Physiotherapies are also available at each facility.

Their mission is to make sure that users can maintain as normal a life as possible. They also work hard to help those who support their loved ones maintain their respect for a loved one’s condition. An excellent training academy and nursing team can address a variety of senior complex health issues and needs. They can also offer seniors respite and residential care.

Anyone with a loved-one that suffers from some type of neurological disorder, including dementia, should inquire into the services and programs offered at Sussex Healthcare.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon and Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare. Over the years, Sachedina developed an interest in the healthcare sector. With his vast healthcare experience, he has enabled Sussex Healthcare to grow into what it is today. Shafik Sachedina loves giving back back to his community.

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