Jeremy Goldstein and his Remarkable Work Record

When he completed his law degree at New York University, Jeremy Goldstein did not know his career path would lead him where he is now. Instead of probably joining a law firm, he ended up working for financial institutions. This experience gave him a lot of knowledge in financial. He got the skills of a financial advisor and analyst through apprenticeship. This is an indication that Jeremy is an intelligent and fast learner.

Among the organizations Jeremy has worked are Verizon, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. Today, Jeremy is a recognized individual in financial matter. According to him, companies that have EPS are on the right path. Having it as part of the pay structure is good for the company and employees. EPS are a good motivator for employees to increase their effort.

The company also benefits through increased performance. If employees work harder than usual, their output will be an added advantage to the firm. Stocks are also crucial because that is how investors know when to sell or buy. However, there are disadvantages to having EPS as part of the pay system.

These shares create a big loophole of accountability. It is very easy for executives or CEOs to be partial. This method has no way of collective control and that is why bosses at the top can get manipulative. Despite this limitation, it is not reason enough to eliminate EPS from the pay structure. Jeremy Goldstein recommends that a compromise is the solution. It entails have an oversight on the CEO and executives for accountability purposes. Introducing control and responsibility will resolve this issue and companies do not have to get rid of EPS.

Today, Jeremy Goldstein has his own firm. He is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein &Associates. Currently, it is a boutique firm specializing in corporate governance, compensation committees and other related matters. Jeremy Goldstein is grateful for the background experience he received. It is playing an essential role in his service today. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein has won awards and honors because of his hard work. He is proud of the far he has come but also aspires to achieve more. Apart from practicing law, Jeremy authors articles. He would like to educate and inform his audiences. Besides business and work, Jeremy Goldstein is a philanthropist. He believes in giving back to the community. One of the foundations he is supporting is Fountain Hope. He is happy to be there for people in need.


Hamilton, Ontario is home to one among the world’s top engineers of freight cars. National Steel Car has held this praise for very many years, and Gregory Aziz as the leader of the company has done a lot to ensure it improves and keeps climbing the ladder of progress.

There are so many companies in North America that make railcars. These railcars have been on the rise in the last 100 years, and their manufacture keeps improving every year. Companies like NSC compete every year to maintain a status that will for years to come put it on the world leaderboard of top firms. National Steel Car is one of these companies, and its production of railroad freight cars is nothing short of impressive, because of the quality and efficiency of their deliveries and trust that they have gained among their customers.

London Ontario on 30 April, the year of 1949 hosted the birth of James Aziz. Gregory’s education happened without hiccups at the College of Ridley. His progress was obvious due to the performance that he showed. The gates of Western Ontario, therefore, were automatically opened for him with a chance at the university. This being envied because tertiary education has always been deemed very important, Greg Aziz went on to make his folks proud of him. He did well.


Gregory J Aziz graduated soon, as university education never takes forever. Skill is an important aspect considered before putting on the graduation garment. This is because leaving such a place without having gained the required skills to horn any employment opportunity will equal a waste of time. See This Article for more information.

Gregory James Aziz became the CEO of one of the greatest companies that have ever been in existence, NSC, when he was fully prepared for the duties ahead of him. National Steel Car has since then seen not only changes in the company but also new implementations that have done a great job at taking NSC higher. National Steel Car is soon to become the world’s top rail car manufacturer, considering that it now tops North America. Many companies in North America have been for long, seeking perfection in everything they do and what they make. However, National Steel Car has taken over by being the first company that does not struggle but excels by both the efforts of the CEO and also those of the community. Getting supported and known for quality has been a major boost.



Deere-the Unicorn Queen

Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime, is the “Unicorn Queen” of bright and bold colors. She founded Lime Crime because there were no cosmetics like her own on the market and she wasn’t going to put up with that and settle for the mediocre and plain colors that were available. Deere has a vibrant personality, and she wants her makeup and fashion to reflect that. That is who she is. Deere’s cosmetic line includes any and everything you can imagine. She has nail polish, lipsticks, lip gloss, eyeshadows, and even hair dye in colorful rainbow colors.


Deere has always been extremely creative and original and has been designing and making her own clothing for many years. She created her own makeup line to go with her clothing, and it took off. It turns out that there was a demand for bright and expressive makeup and her company began to expand and become very popular.


Deere adopted the unicorn as her mascot because she feels that the unicorn represents kindness, compassion, and individuality. Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and it is very well-known. Social media has really helped her company to grow, and she pays attention to the feedback she gets on her products. She’s very in-tune to what her customers have to say, and she tries her best to keep everyone happy. Deere also works hard to create products that her clients can use to express their true selves.


Deere didn’t always have a clear direction where she wanted to grow, but she found her way. She started to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology but ended up branching off to start her very own clothing line instead. She eventually started her own makeup line as well, and it proved to be a very smart move. Turns out that she wasn’t the only one not entirely satisfied with what was available on the market as far as makeup goes.


Deere believes that your makeup routine should put a smile on your face and make you feel great. Her makeup gives her clients the tools to truly be themselves and to be free.


Deere is also very compassionate and giving and supports many charities such as HOLA for kids in LA, the Bideawee animal shelter, Adopt NY, and many more. She is not stopping anytime soon, and she continues to add new and exciting products to her product line. Learn more:


Deere enjoys a good read, and she is particularly inspired by the writings of Karl Lagerfeld. She utilized Facetune to make her Instagram pics even more appealing, and she is always open to what her fan base has to say. She wants to know what people really think, and she listens.


Deere’s future is bright, and she continues to express herself freely and to create new and inspiring color palettes. Deere will always push herself and will not be afraid to take risks. That’s how she found her success after all. She knows a thing or two about taking the plunge.

Madison Street Capital Receives M&A Advisor Award

Madison Street Capital was recently awarded for their excellence in the financial industry, particularly, with their work for WLR Automotive. The company was the recipient of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award, which was given to them by M&A Advisor Awards, which were held towards the end of last year.



M&A Advisor Awards are held every year and give notable credit to some of the best financial endeavors that have been undertaken by companies and individuals. Every year, hundreds of different companies are evaluated based on their overall performance, the kind of work that they do, the clients that they take on, and the outcomes of those ventures. These are usually analyzed by an esteemed group of individuals who are fluent with the financial field, and who have been working in the sector for an incredibly long time. This year, Madison Street Capital was seen as the company who stood above the rest of the competition, because of their deal that they saw through with WLR Automotive. Being the recipient of such a prestigious award has showcased the hard work that all the employees at the company have put in during the year, which has put Madison Street Capital in an incredibly positive light.



On receiving the award, the CEO of Madison Street Capital came forward to talk about the award and all that went into the deal that took place. According to him, the award was a sheer testament to the effort that everyone working at Madison Street Capital put in. He also stated how 2017 had been a brilliant year for the company, especially because of the increased number of clients that have joined them, and the expansion of the services that they have.



Madison Street Capital is a company that aims to offer a high tier of investment and financial solutions to the clients who come to them. The company has gained a brilliant reputation for the kind of services that it provides, and is known to stand as one of the most preferred financial and investment advisory companies in the state. Clients from all over the world have chosen Madison Street Capital to be their financial adviser over other countries because of the brilliant array of services that they provide.



In addition, Madison Street Capital is known to have some of the best advisors and analysts on board to offer their clients the very best. The company has always operated around the policy that the customers needs are always ahead of theirs. They aim to provide customers with a range of services that are tailored to their specific needs so that they can benefit the most out of the solutions that Madison Street Capital provides them with.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Obsidian’s Bright Future

Changing their name from Penn West to Obsidian Energy was the best thing Penn West, now Obsidian energy, ever did. It was like icing to the cake. When it comes to business, perception is everything. What the company is thought of in the market is quite key. Obsidian Energy is a Canadian company that deals in natural gas production and oil.


After a few years facing a number of challenges, Penn west decided to make radical changes for the betterment of their company. The transition included a number of things starting from the investment policies to the management structure and production policies. However, they realized that keeping their previous name would lead people to think that they still were the same company when they are not. This led to the change of their name to Obsidian Energy and the changing of their stalk symbol to OBE.


Other changes they made include a change in the management- board of directors, a change in the restricted share unit and the reduction of shared capital for accounting purposes. By doing this, they were able to iron out the challenges they had faced before from the root cause. This allowed them to turn a new leaf. Obsidian Energy was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). The company has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.


Considering all the changes this company has gone through, it is set for a great year in 2018. Their new strategy of operations includes ensuring their activities of operation are within their means. Their balance sheet looks healthy and promising and their investment policies are promise a good chance of the company making profits even if the market prices are doing poorly. Find Additional Information Here.


Disciplined, relentless and accountable. These are the words that now define this company. Considering the results, they have had since their transformation, their future is bright. Their production has improved and now they are producing more than 700 barrels per day. This gives them confidence of their projections for this year considering that this was the results they got in winter. Though modest, the projections for this year are impressive.


The commodity prices this year and the moving dollar also add to their confidence in their performance this coming year.


Learn More:

Better Fuel with the Help of Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy, formerly known as Penn West Exploration, has been a leader in the fuel industry for many years. They have revolutionized the way that people are buying their fuel nowadays. Because Obsidian Energy is their own oil and gas producer, you can feel good knowing that you’re getting a quality product at an affordable price. This prevents you from spending a lot on fuel that you need, which can be a great way to power your home or office without the hefty price tag attached. Be sure to contact Obsidian Energy if you would like more information on what they are able to do for you and when they can deliver their product.


There are a few things that set Obsidian Energy apart from so many of the other fuel companies on the market right now. For one, they are providing a quality product that is sure to last. Unlike other fuels that you might burn through quickly and easily, the fuel that Obsidian Energy provides is far superior and is going to last. This ultimately saves you money because you’re not worried that you have to continually reorder when you are unable to do this without breaking the bank. The next thing that sets Obsidian Energy apart from so many other fuel companies is the price involved. Not only are you getting a quality product that is sure to last, but you’re also spending less money on it when compared to other providers. Read This Article for related information.


Obsidian was even among the sixty most prominent firms in the Toronto stock Exchange and was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY). With several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff.


If you would like to learn more about Obsidian Energy and what they are offering to the public, you can contact them or visit their site. You can then find out about their products and the prices that go along with them so that you can more easily place your order. Obsidian has been a trusted fuel producer in Canada for well over 15 years. Despite the fact that they work with thousands of customers worldwide, you are still going to get a more personalized experience than if you were working with other companies that are able to deliver or provide fuel to you when you are in need of it.


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