Vinod Gupta’s Information Gathering Service Company Revolutionizes Mass Marketing

You might have thought personal data marketing gathering and analysis began with Larry Page and Sergey Brin, or perhaps even with social media magnate Mark Zuckerberg. But the credit really has to go to Everest Group managing partner Vinod Gupta who put it to use even before the internet really became the tool that it is today. Everest Group is a boutique investment firm that buys company shares for the purpose of growth stimulation. Gupta spent many years in yellow page data gathering before he retired and moved into his role at Everest Group.


Vinod Gupta came from a small village in a poverty-stricken area of India, but he studied hard enough at his village school that he was able to attend a college in Delhi and eventually travel to the University of Nebraska to get his master’s degree. He started his career out at Commodore Corporation in market research, and while there he undertook a large data copying operation from phone books. The information he gathered from those books was sold to Commodore Corporation for $9,000, and he used the funds from that sale to start a side marketing business. He soon left Commodore Corporation so he could focus solely on the new business. d more about Vinod Gupta on Chicago Evening Post: Law School At IIT Kharagpur, Established By Vinod Gupta, Rated Number One In Research And Number Four Overall In India


Vinod Gupta had founded American Business Listings which was a database of both white and yellow pages that sold information to many different companies. The company stayed privately-owned until Gupta made the move to take it public in 1993. They acquired several other data companies including Donnelley Marketing and Database America and soon rebranded themselves to infoUSA. Refer to This Article for more information.


They expanded not only their white page and yellow page capabilities but also added in cloud services and big data analytics. In 2010, Gupta and his partners sold infoUSA for $680 million. Gupta had made millions of dollars, and Vinod Gupta has given a lot back over the years to his native village and the college he graduated from in India.


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Jacob Gottlieb’s Career And How It Started Out

Without using a search engine, how many people in the United States of America have both a doctorate of medicine – MD, the degree that most doctors have in the United States – an active Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) licensure, and are currently employed as a chief information officer?


Probably none, at least that you know of, but that’s OK – this broad array of skills and certifications is only relevant because of the person that holds them all, Jacob Gottlieb.


Mr. Jacob Gottlieb possesses all three of the above: the ability to practice medicine in the United States thanks to his medical doctorate, a certified financial analyst that helps him operate appropriately as an executive at the hedge fund he works at, and the high-ranking position of chief information officer, a spot that very few people have around the world – there’s only one CIO, pronounced chee-oh, per company in every business in North America, and that’s if that particular business even staffs a CIO.


Gottlieb kicked his life off by winning a contest that was held among his fellow seventh graders for picking a portfolio of stocks and other financial instruments that performed better than any other selection of instruments that his young peers chose to win the contest.


Further, his dad, Max, an economy professor at a nearby university in relation to their Brooklyn family home, bought into a portfolio of a relatively low dollar value so Jacob could play around with financial instruments, reap the profits from them minus a nominal fee, and otherwise have fun playing with investments.


This early exposure to economics and how current events affected financial markets was more than intriguing to the young Jacob Gottlieb. Fortunately for him and his then-future success, Gottlieb retained an interest in those topics.


Human Rights Advocate – Jim Larkin

On 21st January 1876, an advocate of human rights was born. Jim Larkin was born and raised in Liverpool, England to parents who were immigrants. Mr. Jim came from a poor background and they lived in one of the slums in Liverpool. During his schooling years, the human rights advocate went to school and in the evening he came back to work in order to provide for his family. Larkin and his family lost their father when he was 14 years and after his death, he was employed at his father’s former organization but lost his job after working for two years.


Mr. Jim Larkin later got another job where he was working as a docker and a sailor. He was hard working despite all the challenges he went through in life, and after some time he was promoted to work as the foreman of the dock. He knew what workers go through and while still working he decided to start fighting for workers rights including a better pay. Within a short period of time, he became a member of National Union of Dock Laborers. In 1905 he fully dedicated his efforts and he became a trade union organizer. In 1907 he established Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union when he moved to Dublin. Jim created the group to bring all workers together despite their skills.


Jim Larkin later would create Irish Labor Party which helped him to lead a number of strikes in the country. Mr. Larkin will be remembered for leading what is considered to be one of the longest strikes in the country. During the time workers went on a strike which lasted for eight months. The strike which went down in history favored the workers. Jim would later move to the United States of America in 1914. While in the United States Jim continued with his passion for fighting for workers but he eventually was deported back to his homeland of Ireland. Even after his deportation, he continued his fight, and he would go back to the United States of America to raise funds to fight the British. Jim Larkin lived a fighting life, and he later died in 1946 in Dublin.

Jed McCaleb Sees A Future Where All Equity Is Tokenized And Part Of The Blockchain

Jed McCaleb is the founder of Mt. Gox exchange and the co-founder of Stellar, and he believes that blockchain technologies are on their way to disrupting a spread of industries in the near future. Since the beginning of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, he has been heavily involved with this evolving technology that is looking to change the world. It is his opinion that at some point there will be a payment system that is universal, and he has commented that there will most likely be a public ledger, of sorts, that people will not be able to manipulate.

In 2011, Jed McCaleb sold the Mt. Gox exchange just before it encountered a spread of issues that the new owner had to deal with. This crash, to this day, is still talked about as being one of the most well-known happenings in the crypto world, and Bitcoin’s price even dipped due to it occurring. Now, Jed McCaleb is working on Stellar, and he serves the company as its Chief Technology Officer. The platform makes it so that people can create new tokens and create new applications. Stellar is in existence to help fix the infrastructure of our planet’s financial systems, and the platform works to do this through the blockchain.

Jed McCaleb can clearly see the potential in being able to tokenize assets, so they can be exchanged securely. IBM, itself, has come around and is using the Stellar network to reduce the cost of transactions and the speed of said transactions. Crypto assets also allow companies to perform ICO’s that can raise plenty of capital rather than having to look for outside investors to get their businesses off of the ground. This also allows the people who started the company to be able to maintain control of it rather than it being owned by investors.

Jed McCaleb has commented on the fact that he sees a future where stocks may become digitized and where they are transferred through the blockchain. He believes that it is possible that every kind of equity might be tokenized and existing on the blockchain. Stellar already runs an exchange that is decentralized, and Jed McCaleb is proud to be a part of this company that just might change the face of the world’s currency system.

Sean Penn Penned New Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff To Cover A Variety Of Topics

Sean Penn, the actor and now author has penned his new novel titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. It has hit the book stands back in the end of March. This book is all about the life of a protagonist, Bob Honey. He has a number of adventures that can be viewed as him being a political activist. For Bob, he is so completely desperate for change that he will start letter campaigns to those in higher positions to help him out however nothing that he does is helping him out. It is instead the opposite of what he is trying to achieve and instead it forces him to commit a number of violent acts.


Sean Penn openly discusses the exploits which have been motivated by the political beliefs of Bob Honey and Sean can relate easily to the character as he himself is viewed as a political activist. In a desperate act of connecting with those in the field, Sean Penn has decided to go along with his own personal political beliefs which he has held onto for several decades. Sean has been lucky enough to travel around the world to places like Cuba, Iran and even Iraq.


In the more recent months, Sean has sat down with a number of well known offenders to hear their sides of the stories. One particular person that Penn sat with to discuss things with was El Chapo, the Mexican drug cartel leader. When it comes to the story of Bob Honey, Sean is forced to listen to the outspoken ways of the drug lord. Sean has been very outspoken in regards to his whole ideals on the Trump Administration.


Sean Penn takes his own ideals to the inside pages of his book by referring to the Trump Resistance movement as well as to naming a character in the book as Mr. Landlord. The reference is in regards to Mr. Trump as his status of billionaire as well as being a well known hotel tycoon.


Penn also discusses the #MeToo movement which is known for bringing forward criticism from places like the New York Times and the Rolling Stone magazine. For most, they are surprised to learn that the actor who once turned into a director to now have written a novel. What is even more surprising to others is that the novel covers a variety of issues including even women’s issues.


Sean Penn has been married to one of the highest regarded women in history when he was shortly married to Madonna. The book refers to the women known as Warrior Women which are the women who will walk the walk. His view on the #MeToo movement is referred to as infantilizing.

Mr. Influential Himself: William Saito

As one Japans’s top 100 people, Mr. William Saito is more than equipped to answer the question of how has turmoil affected startups in today’s world. Mr. William Saito eloquently articulated that All companies we see today in Japan were made during times of turmoil and that there has never been a better time than now to do so. Mr. Saito noted that one of the chief differences between the Western world and the Eastern world is the perception of Failure. Being that Mr. William Saito started a company while still in high school and being named entrepreneur of the year in 1998 by Ernst and Young, he is more than qualified to lead on these answers and provide valuable insight into the world of startups today.

By noting that the West views failure as a stepping stone, it is apparent that those in the East not only abhors failure, but that strict measures are taken to prevent such failures from happening. Preparation and strategic insights mainly. More in-depth information about Mr. William Saito can be found in his autobiography “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur” was published by John Wiley and Sons in 2011. By the title alone, one can surmise that Mr. Saito is truly insatiable when it comes to Entrepreneurial pursuits. By viewing his life, this claim can easily be validated.

By sheer will and effort, Mr. William Saito has become the world’s leader in cybersecurity and has written many articles on such and has breathtaking research in the field of cybersecurity as well. It is to be noted that Mr.Saito started computer programming while in Elementary School. A very daunting task for a very young person. Mr. William Saito wanted to become the leading expert on matters relating to World Economic Matters. This aspiration led him to become a Board Member at the World Economic Forum as well as many National Governments around the Globe calling upon his keen insights for matters in their respective Countries. Truly a man of inspiration.

Since the advent of internet security and the need for a system that not only defines the threats but deter them as well, Mr. William Saito has become a pioneer in the field of Cybersecurity when others merely inform of a potential threat, Mr. Saito has examined such systems and advised on how to make them better. Truly a very influential Man today.


William Saito & His Input in the Business Industry

In general, Japan does not have the distinction of a business powerhouse. Although it should, the Japanese business industry has not gained enough of the respect that it has earned. Regardless, Japanese business, over the years, has grown and continue to do so because of successful professionals such as William Saito. As a Japanese American born in Los Angeles, William Saito is actually more tied to the American culture than the Japanese culture. Considering this fact, it is impressive to see how much he has inputted into both the Japanese and American business industry. In addition to this, William Saito is mostly known as a business & venture capitalist more than any other profession. However, it is important to note that William Saito has made a name for himself in the cybersecurity and tech side of things. In this area, William Saito has been more than beneficial in helping businesses protect and improve their functionality and performance. With that said, here is more on William Saito, his impressive contributions to his working industry, and his deeper knowledge of things.


William Saito & His vast & Deep Knowledge

Perhaps stemming from an early educational background in software, computer science, and technology, William Saito eventually found himself being a key contributor in that specific area. In an article on his deep knowledge in this are, we get the understanding that William Saito is an important professional to many people. With the article describing how William Saito has been a crucial advisor and executive at both Japanese and American based cybersecurity company’s, we clearly see why he is regarded as highly as he is. Specifically speaking, William Saito has been extremely successful as CEO and leader at these companies. With his tremendous leadership qualities, William Saito has helped companies help not only their clients but, also help the companies themselves in their own improvements and advancements. By creating purposeful and essential business strategies, William Saito has molded a path for many individuals and their own plans and goals. As we can see, William Saito has earned much respect because of his will to have others become as successful as he has. Without a doubt, not too many businesses professionals have been as beneficial as William Saito has been throughout his entire working career.

Kamil Idris: Human Creativity at its Finest

Kamil Idris is a former Sudanese diplomat who also became the director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He served the organization from the year 1997 to his retirement in the year 2008. Under his leadership within the organization, he would release a message every April 26, the date when the annual commemoration of the World Intellectual Property Day is being held. The messages from Kamil Idris brings out a lasting impact for those who are listening, and he is implanting a message to everyone who listens to him how important it is to protect every intellectual property in the world today.



The World Intellectual Property Organization defines intellectual property as any creative work. It could be a song, a movie, a photo, a written piece, or any other things that have been created using the creative mind of an individual. Kamil Idris stated that the main objective of the World Intellectual Property Organization is to protect these creations, and he also warned that piracy is a growing industry which capitalizes on the works of others, selling them illegally for profit. He has been calling out every single creative individual on the planet to act and work together to communicate with the World Intellectual Property Organization and ask for the protection of their works.



Kamil Idris highlighted the fact that intellectual property is what defines a nation. He compared how developed countries are putting all the effort and the finances to protect the creation of their citizens, and how non-developed countries do not show genuine care regarding the protection of these things. Kamil Idris wanted every country on Earth to realize how important it is to protect the creation of their citizens, and how it equates to being a country that provides welfare to its people. Kamil Idris knew that each intellectual property created could change the world. He added that since the ancient times, people are already showing their creativity by making artifacts and other works of art, and he also stated that inventions like the wheel, the printing press, and the internet were made possible because of human creativity, and without protecting them, the world would become a different place.



NSC Expands Line

Within the country of Canada only one freight car company is still in existence. That is because National Steel Car has successfully eliminated all of their competition. By a producing high-quality freight car in the most efficient and effective manners possible they have caused all other freight car companies to go bankrupt.


Gregory James Aziz is the leading chief executive officer operating National Steel Car. He has been in this position for over 24 years having begun the job in 1994. He prepared to become the chief executive officer by studying business as well as economics from Western University in Ontario. He will move to Hamilton, Ontario to operate National Steel Car.


1Greg James Aziz has been CEO of National Steel Car for nearly ¼ of its lifespan. They kept him on over the years because of how skilled Greg Aziz is in getting the job done. He has been able to not only restructure the product line but expand the goods they offered over the years.


Greg Aziz is clear that he always wants his workers pushing themselves. He wants in the persistently asked the question on how they can raise the bar. He knows that their strength is efficiency and not only is that unmatched in Canada was also unmatched in the rail industry throughout all of North America.


Gregory James Aziz helped National Steel Car gained more market share by expanding the product line. He began by helping National Steel Car create an oil tank car that could transport flammable liquids a far distance safely. These oil tank cars aren’t three models; small, medium, and large. The maximum they can carry is 32,000 gallons. See Related Link to learn more.


Gregory James Aziz also helped the company produce freight cars that were capable of transporting large quantities of coal. The coal industry is still booming in certain parts of the world and he created freight cars they were capable of navigating the mountainous terrain.


Gregory Aziz would also expand their offering of boxcars. He found a way to increase the carrying capacity of these boxcars all the way up to 480,000 pounds. CANPOTEX, one of National Steel Car’s most loyal customers, have purchased over 7000 of these over the years to this has cost the company $600 million in May direct profit for National Steel Car.


National Steel Car has been given many awards for its efficiency and friendliness toward the environment.


Check out Aziz’s profile on

The Club that Honors Oxford

The Oxford Club is a multinational network of investors and entrepreneurs that have proven over time that they are trustworthy and knowledgeable in their field. At the time of this writing their headquarters resides in the state of Maryland with in the city of Baltimore.

They may be a highly selective group of people, but this does not make them a secret organization. They have members residing in over 130 countries and post a membership of 157,000 members.

The founder of Agora William Bonner is also one of the cofounders for the Oxford Club. The Oxford Club originally started out as the Passport Club in the year 1989. The club would take on its current name in the year 1991. The Oxford Club decided to take on this name to show the combination of old world wisdom and modern technology.

The Oxford Club implements a smart philosophy when it comes to investing. This philosophy and ability to share wisdom has stood the test of time. They have performed successfully over two decades throughout various marketing conditions.

Those who founded the Oxford Club wanted to create this private financial club for those who shared in the hobby of identifying opportunities unique to making money around the world. They also had to agree that the best way to share these opportunities was through personal connections. They firmly believed that by the time you saw the news on CNN it was long past being profitable.

The Oxford Club uses its monthly newsletters and its online access to communicate these opportunities to its members. Depending what sort of membership level, you have will depend on how quickly you hear about these opportunities.

There are many influential benefits that come with being a member of the Oxford Club. Perhaps the best benefit is the ability to network with members in over 130 countries. This networking sets this club apart from all others and is the heart and soul of their reason they can identify opportunities to make money early. It is no wonder that those who joined the Oxford Club become rather wealthy indeed.