Shafik Sachedina Sets The Standard As Chairman Of Sussex Healthcare

The Healthcare Group has provided services for over 25 years. What sets them apart is their level of customized services. They received their accreditation for providing quality health services in 2002. Several years later, they became the first home healthcare provider to receive HQS ISO 9000:2000.

The company’s philosophy is that good health goes way beyond simply an absence of illness. As such, they make sure that recreational and leisure activities are a major part of the company’s programs. These programs are essential to good health. According to Sussex Healthcare also provides activities based on an individual’s skills and interests. Their facilities provide excellent care for older people suffering dementia and neurological disorders. People with learning disabilities also receive the help and medical support they need.

They employ a staff of highly trained professionals and a skilled management team that commits itself to running a highly effective business. Every staff member focuses on making Sussex Healthcare a leading provider for occupants in the Sussex area. The Group’s services rank high with personalized care for each individual.


Special facilities and modern therapeutic interventions formulate care plans. Their 24-hour services is well-received in the community. Sussex can also personalize an individual’s room to make their stay and experience as comfortable as possible. Physiotherapies are also available at each facility.

Their mission is to make sure that users can maintain as normal a life as possible. They also work hard to help those who support their loved ones maintain their respect for a loved one’s condition. An excellent training academy and nursing team can address a variety of senior complex health issues and needs. They can also offer seniors respite and residential care.

Anyone with a loved-one that suffers from some type of neurological disorder, including dementia, should inquire into the services and programs offered at Sussex Healthcare.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon and Joint Chairman of Sussex Healthcare. Over the years, Sachedina developed an interest in the healthcare sector. With his vast healthcare experience, he has enabled Sussex Healthcare to grow into what it is today. Shafik Sachedina loves giving back back to his community.

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