Sean Penn Penned New Novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff To Cover A Variety Of Topics

Sean Penn, the actor and now author has penned his new novel titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. It has hit the book stands back in the end of March. This book is all about the life of a protagonist, Bob Honey. He has a number of adventures that can be viewed as him being a political activist. For Bob, he is so completely desperate for change that he will start letter campaigns to those in higher positions to help him out however nothing that he does is helping him out. It is instead the opposite of what he is trying to achieve and instead it forces him to commit a number of violent acts.


Sean Penn openly discusses the exploits which have been motivated by the political beliefs of Bob Honey and Sean can relate easily to the character as he himself is viewed as a political activist. In a desperate act of connecting with those in the field, Sean Penn has decided to go along with his own personal political beliefs which he has held onto for several decades. Sean has been lucky enough to travel around the world to places like Cuba, Iran and even Iraq.


In the more recent months, Sean has sat down with a number of well known offenders to hear their sides of the stories. One particular person that Penn sat with to discuss things with was El Chapo, the Mexican drug cartel leader. When it comes to the story of Bob Honey, Sean is forced to listen to the outspoken ways of the drug lord. Sean has been very outspoken in regards to his whole ideals on the Trump Administration.


Sean Penn takes his own ideals to the inside pages of his book by referring to the Trump Resistance movement as well as to naming a character in the book as Mr. Landlord. The reference is in regards to Mr. Trump as his status of billionaire as well as being a well known hotel tycoon.


Penn also discusses the #MeToo movement which is known for bringing forward criticism from places like the New York Times and the Rolling Stone magazine. For most, they are surprised to learn that the actor who once turned into a director to now have written a novel. What is even more surprising to others is that the novel covers a variety of issues including even women’s issues.


Sean Penn has been married to one of the highest regarded women in history when he was shortly married to Madonna. The book refers to the women known as Warrior Women which are the women who will walk the walk. His view on the #MeToo movement is referred to as infantilizing.