The Oxford Club: Knowledge is Power

Knowing where to go and what to do in life is just as important as what you do. We all grew p under the belief that knowledge is power and that belief really holds true. If someone knows what will happen next, they have an advantage and will usually win. So, if a person ever has the opportunity to know more they should take it and run with it. This is what a group called the Oxford club provides and does. It gives people who want to advance in business the chance to do so through knowledge.

The Oxford Club was first created in 1989. During this time, it wasn’t called the Oxford club but rather the Passport Club. It was created as a networking group for several founders of companies. William Bonner the creator of The Agora company is the man who created it as he was seeking to creative a private investment group. He wanted to find unique and lucrative business chances for people around the globe. He renamed the group the name it has today in 1991. He organized the club away from the mainstream because that’s only where the normal opportunities usually were. All these years later and his dream has come true.

The Oxford club and its knowledge of exclusive opportunities has been widely successful for its members. The way it benefits them is through multiple ways. They have newsletters that are sent to each member that gives them the latest news and market info o topics of interest. The management team that the company uses has individuals who are trained in marketing, publishing, ad many other skills that members may need to make use of. The information the club has isn’t limited to just money they have knowledge of bonds, precious metals, crypto-currencies, real estate as well as many other types of wealth. Their online training school also has done its part to spread knowledge on how to properly invest and handle assets.

Overall the Oxford Club does its members a huge favor by enlightening them on what is going on in the world of business. Their goal of trying to help people sustain and maintain wealth is a noble one. They really reiterate the idea of knowledge being power. Follow @The_Oxford_Club on Twitter today.

Madison Street Capital Receives M&A Advisor Award

Madison Street Capital was recently awarded for their excellence in the financial industry, particularly, with their work for WLR Automotive. The company was the recipient of the Debt Financing Deal of the Year award, which was given to them by M&A Advisor Awards, which were held towards the end of last year.



M&A Advisor Awards are held every year and give notable credit to some of the best financial endeavors that have been undertaken by companies and individuals. Every year, hundreds of different companies are evaluated based on their overall performance, the kind of work that they do, the clients that they take on, and the outcomes of those ventures. These are usually analyzed by an esteemed group of individuals who are fluent with the financial field, and who have been working in the sector for an incredibly long time. This year, Madison Street Capital was seen as the company who stood above the rest of the competition, because of their deal that they saw through with WLR Automotive. Being the recipient of such a prestigious award has showcased the hard work that all the employees at the company have put in during the year, which has put Madison Street Capital in an incredibly positive light.



On receiving the award, the CEO of Madison Street Capital came forward to talk about the award and all that went into the deal that took place. According to him, the award was a sheer testament to the effort that everyone working at Madison Street Capital put in. He also stated how 2017 had been a brilliant year for the company, especially because of the increased number of clients that have joined them, and the expansion of the services that they have.



Madison Street Capital is a company that aims to offer a high tier of investment and financial solutions to the clients who come to them. The company has gained a brilliant reputation for the kind of services that it provides, and is known to stand as one of the most preferred financial and investment advisory companies in the state. Clients from all over the world have chosen Madison Street Capital to be their financial adviser over other countries because of the brilliant array of services that they provide.



In addition, Madison Street Capital is known to have some of the best advisors and analysts on board to offer their clients the very best. The company has always operated around the policy that the customers needs are always ahead of theirs. They aim to provide customers with a range of services that are tailored to their specific needs so that they can benefit the most out of the solutions that Madison Street Capital provides them with.


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Richard Blair: A Leader in Wealth and Retirement Management

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is the founder of the company that provides wealth and investment advice to its clients. The company is located and registered in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair is highly respected and is considered one of the best in his field. Blair believes everyone no matter their income level should have a sound plan to achieve their financial and retirement goals. The company uses a three step approach to ensure their clients are getting the best advice and plan for their situation.


The first step involves learning about the clients situation and identifying their goals, strengths and weaknesses. The second step focuses on developing a plan that fits the needs of the client. The third step finds the best insurance plans to fit their clients needs.


Wealth solutions treats a wide range of clients from small businesses to individuals. Blair comes from a family of teachers and this inspired him to start his company in 1994. Richard is passionate about helping people achieve financial and retirement success and he entered the financial field soon after graduating. Over the years he has gained more experience in retirement planning. The company has numerous nationally recognized designations in the wealth management and retirement field.


Richard believes he has a distinct advantage over larger firms because he focuses on clients in the local area and build face to face long term relationships. Unfortunately, there is plenty of bad or risky advice by some firms and individuals that can quickly ruin a person’s financial future. Richard tries to steer people away from common pitfalls and bad advice. Another advantage he has is that he is an independent advisor so he is not limited to certain products. He has the freedom to choose whatever is on the market that can best fit your needs. His firm also offers excellent tax advice. He feels that managing your taxes is an important part of a successful financial plan. Maximizing your taxes can save you thousands a year.


Richard also gives lifestyle advice since certain behaviors can be detrimental to your financial success. He basically covers every possible area to make sure you are on the right path for success.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco Faithfully

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO of the prestigious Brazilian bank of Bradesco. He has served in this capacity since 2009 and has served the company faithfully through the ups and downs of financial markets. His history with Bradesco stretches back to 1969 when he began his career as a clerk after graduating from college.

This influential position carries with it a weight of responsibility that he manages well. His opinion on serious financial matters is often sought by the elite political and business figures. Quotes from Trabuco, as he is known in economic circles, will often appear in newspapers and other financial media. Some of the country’s largest financial projects are underwritten with Bradesco’s resources and decisions with far-reaching consequences are often in his line of duty.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the fourth CEO to serve at Bradesco which was founded in 1943. Their first branch came into existence in Trabuco’s hometown of Marília where he was born in 1951. He succeeded Márcio Cypriano as CEO and has risen through the ranks by gaining experience in many different divisions of the bank. He has a strong identity with Bradesco’s business culture.

Trabuco attended and graduated from the University of São Paulo from the Faculty of Philosophy, Science, and Letters. Formal academic training was important to him and he accompanied this with the natural ambition of a young man eager to make his mark in the world. His academic training was unusual for such a highly placed executive leading a major bank. Most such figures focus on Economics or Finance in their educational pursuits. However, Trabuco has demonstrated a keen insight into financial matters which serves Bradesco very well.

Important reforms have been initiated by Luiz Carlos Trabuco which has changed and improved the culture at Bradesco. A good example is his implementation of a publicity program for Bradesco when he was the head of Marketing. He struck up relationships with Brazilian financial reporters and helped improve the branding of Bradesco with increased public exposure. Prior to this, Bradesco had no relations with the media and its attendant publicity.

A company university to train the next block of leaders in regards to Bradesco’s business culture was also an innovation put forth by Trabuco. This allowed him and other top Bradesco executives to determine which employees exhibited great potential for banking and financial matters. Those that did were able to receive additional training to develop and refine their skills.

One thing that set apart Luiz Carlos Trabuco from other executives that would have been considered for the post of CEO, was his important tenure with Bradesco’s insurance division. Here, his outstanding performance solidified Bradesco’s lead in the insurance market of Brazil and Latin America. The profits increased considerably with Trabuco’s leadership and made a substantial impact on the overall prosperity of the company. He was honored with this terrific performance by being named as the Insurance Personality of the Year on two separate occasions.

Market leadership in private banking has always been a strong consideration for Bradesco. When Trabuco took over as CEO the world was mired in recession and the financial sector also had great difficulty in Brazil. Trabuco provided a steady hand of leadership and when the time was right, he found a way for Bradesco to expand and once again challenge Itaú-Unibanco for market leadership.

When news broke that Bradesco had agreed to acquire the Brazilian branch of HSBC, it sent shock waves through the financial world. With one major stroke, Trabuco had significantly increased Bradesco’s revenues and resources. The purchase was for US $ 5.2 billion and it was a milestone for Bradesco and Trabuco. He was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by DINHEIRO for 2015. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has provided excellent leadership for Bradesco.

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