Nutrisystem – Giving You Control Over Your Weight


The cost of Nutrisystem meal plans is a lot less than you may think. They offer three great diet meal plans to choose from, so you are sure to find one that fits your budget. Their meal plans are convenient and take all the work out of trying to eat healthy and losing weight.


Nutrisystem has the Basic Plan that costs $9.82 per day. It costs $274.99 for four full weeks of meals and snacks, and it even comes with a guaranteed weight loss of up to 13 pounds and 7 inches in just the first month. The Core Plan works out to be $10.54 per day and is $294.99 for four weeks. The Uniquely Yours plan is $11. 96 per day and works out to be $334.99 for four weeks. This plan offers more choices when it comes to their menu items, but all plans are great and offer many food choices. If you want more, then this is the one to go with.


Nutrisystem does not just offer great meals that will entice every palate, but they also offer the support of their dietitians and consultants. They do not charge any extra for membership fees either. They do not charge anything to ship your meals to your an that also offer a money back guarantee if you are still not sure whether you are ready to commit just yet.


There is similar diet meal plans to Nutrisystem, but they cost a lot more and do not offer all the great perks that Nutrisystem does such as the support of dietitians.


If you want to lose weight and enjoy great food, you should definitely look into what Nutrisystem has to offer. They take all the work out of figuring out what to eat healthy to lose weight and you don’t have to count calories or plan meals and shop for special items. All you need to do is pick your plan, and follow the plan and you will see results. They offer a money back guarantee because they are confident that you will see results.