Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is currently undergoing a corporate restructuring. Within the last 12 months, this assisted living facility, which is located in the United Kingdom, employed a new CEO. Amanda Morgan Taylor has spent the last 30 years working in the health and social care sectors and she is now set to use the skills that she has acquired to create the best environment possible for this facility. Taylor is expected to help ensure that residents get excellent care–specifically, those who are elderly, suffer from neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, or are handicapped.

Sussex Healthcare’s missions is to create a safe environment for all of its residents. And this can even be seen in the benefits that they offer their caregivers including housing, transportation, uniforms, pension, food and much more. The facility also offers exceptional training takes location right there on the campus inside the major facility. The facility also offer additional education for those who would like to learn more about their professional and become more developed in the healthcare industry.

Perhaps the amenity that this facility is most known for is its gym. They find that one of the best ways to treat residents who have severe cognitive challenges is with exercise. The staff is thoroughly trained in the proper treatment of individuals who with these types of disabilities, so they are more than prepared to create the best, customized fitness plans for anyone who is need of it. In fact, the Sussex Healthcare is a Senior Living Home even invites elderly individuals and those who struggle with cognitive disabilities who don’t live at their homes to work out in their gym. They are interested in seeing everyone improve.

The appointment of Taylor is a move that Sussex Healthcare hopes will demonstrate its dedication and commitment to the offering the highest quality of service, not only this year but in the long term. One of her first official duties is to pay personal visits to the homes. In this way she can inspect the facilities to make note of any improvements that should be made. She will also be able to meet the residents, as well as members of their families, in person. It is also said that Taylor will meet with other partners of Sussex Healthcare as well.

Sussex Healthcare has been delivering quality care since 1985. With this recent change, they are poised to become an even bigger influence in the healthcare community. With 20 home cares around UK for all the elderly and person with disablities and many more.

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