Jeremy Goldstein and his Remarkable Work Record

When he completed his law degree at New York University, Jeremy Goldstein did not know his career path would lead him where he is now. Instead of probably joining a law firm, he ended up working for financial institutions. This experience gave him a lot of knowledge in financial. He got the skills of a financial advisor and analyst through apprenticeship. This is an indication that Jeremy is an intelligent and fast learner.

Among the organizations Jeremy has worked are Verizon, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. Today, Jeremy is a recognized individual in financial matter. According to him, companies that have EPS are on the right path. Having it as part of the pay structure is good for the company and employees. EPS are a good motivator for employees to increase their effort.

The company also benefits through increased performance. If employees work harder than usual, their output will be an added advantage to the firm. Stocks are also crucial because that is how investors know when to sell or buy. However, there are disadvantages to having EPS as part of the pay system.

These shares create a big loophole of accountability. It is very easy for executives or CEOs to be partial. This method has no way of collective control and that is why bosses at the top can get manipulative. Despite this limitation, it is not reason enough to eliminate EPS from the pay structure. Jeremy Goldstein recommends that a compromise is the solution. It entails have an oversight on the CEO and executives for accountability purposes. Introducing control and responsibility will resolve this issue and companies do not have to get rid of EPS.

Today, Jeremy Goldstein has his own firm. He is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein &Associates. Currently, it is a boutique firm specializing in corporate governance, compensation committees and other related matters. Jeremy Goldstein is grateful for the background experience he received. It is playing an essential role in his service today. Learn more:

Jeremy Goldstein has won awards and honors because of his hard work. He is proud of the far he has come but also aspires to achieve more. Apart from practicing law, Jeremy authors articles. He would like to educate and inform his audiences. Besides business and work, Jeremy Goldstein is a philanthropist. He believes in giving back to the community. One of the foundations he is supporting is Fountain Hope. He is happy to be there for people in need.