Dr. David Samadi and Robotics

One of the big milestones in a woman’s life is menopause. It marks the end of the reproductive years of a person’s life. Before menopause hits, the person will go through a stage known as Perimenopause. This is when the normal menstrual cycle stops for about a year. After a full year is completed and the trend continues, then the person is now officially in a menopausal stage. This is when they will experience some of the side effects such as heat flashes, mood swings, and muscle pain. However, heat flashes are by far the most common symptoms during this time. The time at which menopause happens can vary according to the person’s age, lifestyle, and genetics. Usually, it will happen between the ages of 45 and 55. The following are some tips to lessen the side effects of menopause.

  • Stop consuming caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, smoking and stressful activities
  • Avoid hot environments
  • Stay in air-conditioned environments as much as possible
  • When heat flash happens, start breathing deep and slow

Sexual Health in Men

Men obviously do not have to deal with menopause, but they too have their own reproductive issues to deal with, as they get older. Two of the major ones are prostate health and lower libido levels. When a man reaches the age of 50, there will be significantly lower levels of libido, compared to when they were in their 20’s. At 50 a problem that starts happening is an enlarged prostate. Along with this, they can suffer from bouts of depression. However, all these issues can be controlled by making changes in their lifestyle. The following are some ways to accomplish that.

Exercising: This is an obvious one, but regular exercise can not only take care of regular health but sexual health also. The reason for this is because exercise causes the body to release endorphins, a major mood and libido enhancer.

Stop Bad Habits: This one comes as no surprise, but stopping tobacco products and drugs is a must for an all-around healthy life. Alcohol consumption should be minimized, at the very least.

Dr. David Samadi is a highly experienced and respected Urologist, based in New York. He is a pioneer in robotics-based prostate surgery, which has succeeded in taking many people on the path of a healthy life. The awards David Samadi has garnered include Most Compassionate Doctor, Top Doctors for Cancer, Castle Connolly Top Doctors and New York Magazine Best doctor, to name a few.