Incredible American Institute of Architects

     Architecture is one of the primary professions that have played an important part in shaping the structures in major towns across the country. There are many institutions across the country that have specialized in offering architectural services to clients across the country, however, selecting the best is key to ensuring that quality services are provided to you.

American Institute of Architects is one of the institutions with a good reputation in offering qualified professionals in this field. It is an organization whose headquarter is in Washington, D.C.; it is mainly a professional organization for architects all over the country. The organization is involved in providing government advocacy, education, community outreach as well as public support, which is aimed at portraying a professional image for architect all over the country. American Institute of Architects also works closely with the teams that design and construct buildings in the country in the coordination of buildings.

American Institute of Architects is one of the oldest organizations in the country as it was founded in the year 1857 in New York City. It was founded by a group that comprised of 13 architects who had an aim of elevating the image of their profession. Before American Institute of Architects was formed, anyone could say that they are architects as there were no formal schools of architecture nor were there licenses then. Over the years, the organization has developed to be a national organization that ensures professionalism in this field is adhered to. It coordinates the architectural job all over the country to ensure that the standards set are maintained. The organization has been successful in designing and supervising the architectural and construction works across the country. There are numerous structures in major cities that are some of the incredible jobs that can be attributed to American Institute of Architects.

Through the able leadership of Robert Ivy who is also the CEO of American Institute of Architects, this organization has upgraded to another level. The organization has offered government advocacy that has enabled the United States government deal with numerous challenges regarding designing of towns and roads within cities. Robert Ivy has ensured that American Institute of Architects provides not only advisory services to the government but also to the community at large. The American Institute of Architects has been involved in public education by informing members of the public on the importance of architecture as well as good design.