Jacob Gottlieb’s Career And How It Started Out

Without using a search engine, how many people in the United States of America have both a doctorate of medicine – MD, the degree that most doctors have in the United States – an active Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) licensure, and are currently employed as a chief information officer?


Probably none, at least that you know of, but that’s OK – this broad array of skills and certifications is only relevant because of the person that holds them all, Jacob Gottlieb.


Mr. Jacob Gottlieb possesses all three of the above: the ability to practice medicine in the United States thanks to his medical doctorate, a certified financial analyst that helps him operate appropriately as an executive at the hedge fund he works at, and the high-ranking position of chief information officer, a spot that very few people have around the world – there’s only one CIO, pronounced chee-oh, per company in every business in North America, and that’s if that particular business even staffs a CIO.


Gottlieb kicked his life off by winning a contest that was held among his fellow seventh graders for picking a portfolio of stocks and other financial instruments that performed better than any other selection of instruments that his young peers chose to win the contest.


Further, his dad, Max, an economy professor at a nearby university in relation to their Brooklyn family home, bought into a portfolio of a relatively low dollar value so Jacob could play around with financial instruments, reap the profits from them minus a nominal fee, and otherwise have fun playing with investments.


This early exposure to economics and how current events affected financial markets was more than intriguing to the young Jacob Gottlieb. Fortunately for him and his then-future success, Gottlieb retained an interest in those topics.