Jed McCaleb Sees A Future Where All Equity Is Tokenized And Part Of The Blockchain

Jed McCaleb is the founder of Mt. Gox exchange and the co-founder of Stellar, and he believes that blockchain technologies are on their way to disrupting a spread of industries in the near future. Since the beginning of cryptocurrency and the blockchain, he has been heavily involved with this evolving technology that is looking to change the world. It is his opinion that at some point there will be a payment system that is universal, and he has commented that there will most likely be a public ledger, of sorts, that people will not be able to manipulate.

In 2011, Jed McCaleb sold the Mt. Gox exchange just before it encountered a spread of issues that the new owner had to deal with. This crash, to this day, is still talked about as being one of the most well-known happenings in the crypto world, and Bitcoin’s price even dipped due to it occurring. Now, Jed McCaleb is working on Stellar, and he serves the company as its Chief Technology Officer. The platform makes it so that people can create new tokens and create new applications. Stellar is in existence to help fix the infrastructure of our planet’s financial systems, and the platform works to do this through the blockchain.

Jed McCaleb can clearly see the potential in being able to tokenize assets, so they can be exchanged securely. IBM, itself, has come around and is using the Stellar network to reduce the cost of transactions and the speed of said transactions. Crypto assets also allow companies to perform ICO’s that can raise plenty of capital rather than having to look for outside investors to get their businesses off of the ground. This also allows the people who started the company to be able to maintain control of it rather than it being owned by investors.

Jed McCaleb has commented on the fact that he sees a future where stocks may become digitized and where they are transferred through the blockchain. He believes that it is possible that every kind of equity might be tokenized and existing on the blockchain. Stellar already runs an exchange that is decentralized, and Jed McCaleb is proud to be a part of this company that just might change the face of the world’s currency system.