Kamil Idris: Human Creativity at its Finest

Kamil Idris is a former Sudanese diplomat who also became the director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization. He served the organization from the year 1997 to his retirement in the year 2008. Under his leadership within the organization, he would release a message every April 26, the date when the annual commemoration of the World Intellectual Property Day is being held. The messages from Kamil Idris brings out a lasting impact for those who are listening, and he is implanting a message to everyone who listens to him how important it is to protect every intellectual property in the world today.



The World Intellectual Property Organization defines intellectual property as any creative work. It could be a song, a movie, a photo, a written piece, or any other things that have been created using the creative mind of an individual. Kamil Idris stated that the main objective of the World Intellectual Property Organization is to protect these creations, and he also warned that piracy is a growing industry which capitalizes on the works of others, selling them illegally for profit. He has been calling out every single creative individual on the planet to act and work together to communicate with the World Intellectual Property Organization and ask for the protection of their works.



Kamil Idris highlighted the fact that intellectual property is what defines a nation. He compared how developed countries are putting all the effort and the finances to protect the creation of their citizens, and how non-developed countries do not show genuine care regarding the protection of these things. Kamil Idris wanted every country on Earth to realize how important it is to protect the creation of their citizens, and how it equates to being a country that provides welfare to its people. Kamil Idris knew that each intellectual property created could change the world. He added that since the ancient times, people are already showing their creativity by making artifacts and other works of art, and he also stated that inventions like the wheel, the printing press, and the internet were made possible because of human creativity, and without protecting them, the world would become a different place.