NSC Expands Line

Within the country of Canada only one freight car company is still in existence. That is because National Steel Car has successfully eliminated all of their competition. By a producing high-quality freight car in the most efficient and effective manners possible they have caused all other freight car companies to go bankrupt.


Gregory James Aziz is the leading chief executive officer operating National Steel Car. He has been in this position for over 24 years having begun the job in 1994. He prepared to become the chief executive officer by studying business as well as economics from Western University in Ontario. He will move to Hamilton, Ontario to operate National Steel Car.


1Greg James Aziz has been CEO of National Steel Car for nearly ¼ of its lifespan. They kept him on over the years because of how skilled Greg Aziz is in getting the job done. He has been able to not only restructure the product line but expand the goods they offered over the years.


Greg Aziz is clear that he always wants his workers pushing themselves. He wants in the persistently asked the question on how they can raise the bar. He knows that their strength is efficiency and not only is that unmatched in Canada was also unmatched in the rail industry throughout all of North America.


Gregory James Aziz helped National Steel Car gained more market share by expanding the product line. He began by helping National Steel Car create an oil tank car that could transport flammable liquids a far distance safely. These oil tank cars aren’t three models; small, medium, and large. The maximum they can carry is 32,000 gallons. See Related Link to learn more.


Gregory James Aziz also helped the company produce freight cars that were capable of transporting large quantities of coal. The coal industry is still booming in certain parts of the world and he created freight cars they were capable of navigating the mountainous terrain.


Gregory Aziz would also expand their offering of boxcars. He found a way to increase the carrying capacity of these boxcars all the way up to 480,000 pounds. CANPOTEX, one of National Steel Car’s most loyal customers, have purchased over 7000 of these over the years to this has cost the company $600 million in May direct profit for National Steel Car.


National Steel Car has been given many awards for its efficiency and friendliness toward the environment.


Check out Aziz’s profile on https://ca.linkedin.com/in/gregaziz