Securus Technologies, Going to Bat for Safety and Security

Securus Technologies, a leader in correctional facility management has taken on a huge project to make institutions safer. The company, which serves over 1.2 million inmates and thousands of agencies, has recently developed technology to stop calls placed by contraband cellular devices. This issue has been identified as one of the largest dangers in facilities and has been the source of many crimes. Facility officers and staff also identify the use of contraband phones as one of the biggest threats to their safety. Retired Officer Robert Johnson has experienced firsthand the dangers of this epidemic when he was shot six times in his own home; by simply doing his job, he became the target of a prison gang.


The problem has grown so far out of hand that an infant was also the victim of such violence. Securus Technologies and its newly acquired companies of JPay and GovPayNet are joining forces and have brought forth a solution. Known as Wireless Containment Systems; the new technology can block communications from contraband wireless devices. WCS devices look and operate like a cell phone tower. Instead of connecting the call to its rightful network, the call is disconnected. The same scenario applies to text messaging. The technology has already proven to be promising. While there haven’t been any official reports, it’s estimated that over a million communications have been interrupted and deferred.


Some concerns over the legality of the devices had surfaced in the beginning. FCC regulations prohibit signals from being interfered with; however, Securus Technologies was able to engineer the devices to be fully compliant. Retired Officer Johnson is now lobbying, along with Securus, to have the devices mandated as required technology in correctional facilities. This would certainly ease the minds of employees, inmates, and their families. The project is currently in its testing phase, however, Securus is looking to get started on implementing the technology nationwide.


Securus Technologies has over three decades of experience in corrections. Their current headquarters is located in Carrollton, Texas. The company is best known for its communications services provided to inmates, and their families. Securus also provides monitoring of inmates, commissary services, and software to correctional facilities. In recent years, they’ve been able to reduce the financial burden once associated with calling inmates, and vice versa. They also now provide alternatives to calling. Video visitation, messaging, voicemail, and even tablet computers are all in the line of products available.


Securus also prides itself on providing great customer service. The company has scored very high in recent surveys. Over 95 percent of customers have been happy with the service they’ve received. Also, the company was awarded accreditation by the Better Business Bureau, along with a grade of “A+.” Securus Technologies is going above and beyond the call of duty for its customers.