The Club that Honors Oxford

The Oxford Club is a multinational network of investors and entrepreneurs that have proven over time that they are trustworthy and knowledgeable in their field. At the time of this writing their headquarters resides in the state of Maryland with in the city of Baltimore.

They may be a highly selective group of people, but this does not make them a secret organization. They have members residing in over 130 countries and post a membership of 157,000 members.

The founder of Agora William Bonner is also one of the cofounders for the Oxford Club. The Oxford Club originally started out as the Passport Club in the year 1989. The club would take on its current name in the year 1991. The Oxford Club decided to take on this name to show the combination of old world wisdom and modern technology.

The Oxford Club implements a smart philosophy when it comes to investing. This philosophy and ability to share wisdom has stood the test of time. They have performed successfully over two decades throughout various marketing conditions.

Those who founded the Oxford Club wanted to create this private financial club for those who shared in the hobby of identifying opportunities unique to making money around the world. They also had to agree that the best way to share these opportunities was through personal connections. They firmly believed that by the time you saw the news on CNN it was long past being profitable.

The Oxford Club uses its monthly newsletters and its online access to communicate these opportunities to its members. Depending what sort of membership level, you have will depend on how quickly you hear about these opportunities.

There are many influential benefits that come with being a member of the Oxford Club. Perhaps the best benefit is the ability to network with members in over 130 countries. This networking sets this club apart from all others and is the heart and soul of their reason they can identify opportunities to make money early. It is no wonder that those who joined the Oxford Club become rather wealthy indeed.