The Oxford Club: Knowledge is Power

Knowing where to go and what to do in life is just as important as what you do. We all grew p under the belief that knowledge is power and that belief really holds true. If someone knows what will happen next, they have an advantage and will usually win. So, if a person ever has the opportunity to know more they should take it and run with it. This is what a group called the Oxford club provides and does. It gives people who want to advance in business the chance to do so through knowledge.

The Oxford Club was first created in 1989. During this time, it wasn’t called the Oxford club but rather the Passport Club. It was created as a networking group for several founders of companies. William Bonner the creator of The Agora company is the man who created it as he was seeking to creative a private investment group. He wanted to find unique and lucrative business chances for people around the globe. He renamed the group the name it has today in 1991. He organized the club away from the mainstream because that’s only where the normal opportunities usually were. All these years later and his dream has come true.

The Oxford club and its knowledge of exclusive opportunities has been widely successful for its members. The way it benefits them is through multiple ways. They have newsletters that are sent to each member that gives them the latest news and market info o topics of interest. The management team that the company uses has individuals who are trained in marketing, publishing, ad many other skills that members may need to make use of. The information the club has isn’t limited to just money they have knowledge of bonds, precious metals, crypto-currencies, real estate as well as many other types of wealth. Their online training school also has done its part to spread knowledge on how to properly invest and handle assets.

Overall the Oxford Club does its members a huge favor by enlightening them on what is going on in the world of business. Their goal of trying to help people sustain and maintain wealth is a noble one. They really reiterate the idea of knowledge being power. Follow @The_Oxford_Club on Twitter today.