The Oxford Club is a sovereign financial publisher with its headquarters at Baltimore, Maryland. It offers global prospects for a market- thriving returns and equips them with strategies of preservation and achievement of wealth. It serves a wide range of members, approximately over eighty thousand people, and operates in a hundred countries. The club has been functioning for over two decades, and it has been of help to many investors over the years. The private company also holds Symposiums, overseas excursions in investments and financial roundtables.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 as a passport club by William Bonner alongside other founders as a small organization specializing in networking. The company changed its name to The Oxford Club in 1991.The aim of the company at the time of its founding was to form a private company that comprised of investors who had an interest in discovering unique business ideas and sharing them, both globally and in the united states. The company believed that investment opportunities were supposed to be researched or individual connections as opposed to Wall Street dealers or the press.

Investment U was established in 1999 as an educational arm of The Oxford Club. It is an educational website which offers resources like courses, conferences, videos and other educational resources with the aim of educating members on how to attain financial independence and becoming literate. It normally outlines recommendable investment stock for its customers in its free e-letter on a daily basis which is a great deal for its subscribers.

Members of the Oxford club enjoy a privilege of partnering with other members of the Oxford community during events which gives them an upper hand when it comes to discovering new investment opportunities. They also relish their monthly subscription to Oxford’s newsletter, The Oxford Communiqué, which is highly rated and provides a wide range of investment opportunities. Members of the Oxford Cub normally get to acquire unique financial advice from its financial advisers, who are highly rated, in the Pillar One exclusive advisory program. Property exchange opportunities are also made available for members of the Oxford Club where people exchange properties such as villas, castles, beach houses among other items.